Arriving by private jet

Request for permission to fly into Russia (if there are no direct flights)

If a participant or group of participants is planning to arrive in the Russian Federation by private aircraft, but there are no direct flights between the country of departure and Russia at the time, it is necessary to request permission in writing to land the private jet and send it to the Roscongress Foundation.

The written request must contain the following information:

Reserving a slot to land an aircraft at Pulkovo Airport

Regardless of whether there are direct flights between the departure country and Russia, all participants arriving in Russia by private jet must submit a request to land the aircraft at Pulkovo Airport.

To reserve a slot to land the aircraft on the airport’s territory, a participant must contact Pulkovo Airport to submit an application and reserve a slot in accordance with established procedure.

Available parking for private planes will be limited. Participants are kindly requested to plan their flight in advance.

Reference information

- the procedure for obtaining Pulkovo Airport landing/departure clearance.

- the slot application form.

Due to the large number of aircraft arriving at Pulkovo Airport during the Forum, it is imperative that strictly coordinated slots for arrival at and departure from Pulkovo Airport are adhered to. In the event of a violation, the airport reserves the right not to receive the aircraft and to direct it to a backup airfield to await a possible arrival slot on a first-come, first-served basis.

As long-term parking cannot be provided for all aircraft, you are kindly requested to draw up a flight plan which factors in turnaround and parking of no more than one hour at Pulkovo Airport.