Entry to Russia for foreign participants

Documents required at the border

To avoid encountering any problems when crossing the border, all foreign participants arriving from abroad are required to bring the following documents with them.

If you require a visa to enter the Russian Federation
  • nvitation for foreign arrivals

    ! Please note that this is not an invitation to the Forum, but a separate document from the Forum organizers.

  • valid foreign passport and visa
  • medical insurance policy that is valid in Russia
If you do not require a visa to enter the Russian Federation
  • valid foreign passport
  • medical insurance policy that is valid in Russia
Participants are not required to present a PCR test result for entry to Russia or undergo self-isolation after arrival in St. Petersburg.

Visa validity periods

After submitting all the required documents, SPIEF participants can obtain a short-term, single-entry Russian visa for the period from 6–25 June at foreign consular offices of the Russian Federation on the day of their application.

Applying for a visa

Visa = invitation for foreign arrivals + list of documents

1 Generate an invitation for foreign arrivals

What is an invitation for foreign arrivals?

  • All confirmed participants will receive an official invitation to SPIEF 2023 by email.
  • After receiving the invitation, log in to your Roscongress personal account using your personal login and password.
  • Confirm your attendance at the Forum.
  • Go to the ‘My events – SPIEF 2023 – Event dashboard – Visa support’ tab of the Roscongress personal account.
  • Your personal information will be automatically uploaded from the Roscongress personal account to the document. You can manually add the city and country where you will be applying for your visa.
  • Download and print the invitation for foreign arrivals.
  • Provide your Russian consular office with the invitation for foreign arrivals and the other required visa documents.

If you have found any errors in your personal data in the application for participation, you can contact a Roscongress Foundation specialist to make changes to the personal data.

2 Submit an application at a consular office

To receive a visa for entry into Russia, individuals in possession of an invitation must apply at the relevant foreign consular office of the Russian Federation. Information about the location of Russian consular offices can be found on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation.

We recommend that participants apply at their Russian consular office in good time, and at least 2 (two) weeks before their departure.

Participants are advised not to apply for entry visas at intermediary visa centres or travel agencies, which are not authorized to issue official visas.