Business programme

B20 Regional Consultation Forum

16 Jun , 11:00–12:15

International cooperation has become increasingly difficult today. Outdated structural and market problems and imbalances have been exacerbated, which has led to rapid changes in the international political and economic system. The key tasks for national and international development that need to be solved to meet the most important challenges include effectively developing human capital, creating new productive jobs that take into account new forms of employment, closing the gaps in supply chains, countering unilateral sanctions, closing infrastructure gaps, and ensuring sustainable mutually beneficial development in this new environment. In this regard, it is becoming increasingly important to have an inclusive and comprehensive dialogue among the world’s top multilateral institutions, such as the G20 and groups that work under its auspices, with the key one being the Business 20 (B20), which prepares recommendations for G20 leaders. Constructive cooperation within these platforms significantly contributes to the creation of sustainable rules of the game in the global economy that reflect the positions of all stakeholders. What effective steps should be taken to overcome the existing challenges and contradictions in the global economy? On what basis should states and business cooperate to overcome existing gaps and ensure sustainable development? What kind of goals and objectives should be set to improve the efficiency of the system of international multilateral cooperation?