Business programme

The New SCO Business Agenda in Today’s World

16 Jun , 09:00–10:15
The New Economic Order: Responding to the Challenges of the Time

Through a combination of factors, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization currently plays a decisive role in economic development throughout the Eurasian space. Amidst the post-COVID recovery of the global economic system and new geopolitical challenges, it is particularly important to harmonize the approaches that this Organization’s members take in terms of economic policy, prevent imbalances in trade and investment regulation, and create additional incentives for intensifying and diversifying cooperation in all areas of the trade and economic agenda. What is the best way to effectively ensure the interests of business in SCO countries and maximize its potential as part of the Action Plan for 2021–2025 to implement the SCO Development Strategy until 2025? How can we translate the enormous geopolitical potential of the SCO into practical interaction at the level of businesses?