Business programme

The Sanitary Shield: Investing in Development

17 Jun , 10:00–11:15
The Russian Economy: New Objectives and Horizons

Preparedness for threats to people’s health has become one of the fundamental factors for sustainable economic and social development. A month of lockdown could lead to zero growth in the economy for the year, and this does not even count the stream of external restrictions that affect the exchange rate and volatility of the ruble, as well as threats to epidemiological security emanating from the activities of unfriendly countries. Investments in strengthening the country’s ‘sanitary shield’ will not only prevent potential losses in the event of new pandemics, but should also help to develop related industries and stimulate technological breakthroughs and import substitution in biotechnologies. The government’s investments in a ‘sanitary shield’ have a multiplier effect by attracting additional investments in science, the development of biotechnology, the production of tests and vaccines, laboratory instrumentation, and the development of a specialized design and construction industry, which plays an important role during the period of prohibitive sanctions, when import substitution and an increase in the output of Russian products becomes the only option for developing and protecting the country. Demand for specialists will create conditions for the development of human resources in genetic technologies, bioinformatics, epidemiology, and microbiology. What kind of effect does investing in biohazard preparedness offer for development? What new tools will the ‘sanitary shield’ provide to protect against epidemics? How can investments in combating epidemics be converted into the development of science, industry, and education? What role do industrial partners play? How will the ‘sanitary shield’ help with import substitution? In what specific areas of biological safety can Russia become a leader and create standards? What mechanisms are needed to multiply investments in the ‘sanitary shield’?