Business programme

Infrastructure for Sustained Industrial Growth: Opportunities for Investors

16 Jun , 17:00–18:15
The Russian Economy: New Objectives and Horizons
In partnership with Novostal-M

The manufacturing business continues to function in Russia in the face of sanctions pressure, volatility in raw material prices, and a shortage of components. Today, businesses need rapid solutions to quickly set up or ramp up production and increase the resilience of their supply chains. With foreign companies suspending their operations in Russia, Russian manufacturers are keen to expand the import substitution of both final products and components. The industrial infrastructure that has been created, such as industrial parks and technoparks, helps to shorten the investment cycle by two-three times when setting up production. More than 390 parks are operating or are being created in Russia, offering investors ready-made production facilities and services to set up production. More than 400 residents of these sites are companies with foreign capital, most of which continue to operate in Russia. To ensure sustainable industrial growth, approaches to the creation and development of industrial infrastructure should be adapted in accordance with ESG principles in order to attract both Russian and foreign investors. How can the regulatory environment be adapted for the accelerated localization of high-tech products? What kind of infrastructure is in demand among investors for the accelerated creation and scaling of production? What regulatory and financial support measures are needed to accelerate the development of industrial infrastructure? How can the attractiveness of infrastructure sites be enhanced, taking into account ESG principles?