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Genetics and Selective Breeding in the Agro-Industrial Complex: The Key to Russia’s Food Security

17 Jun , 17:00–18:15
The Russian Economy: New Objectives and Horizons

Genetic and selective breeding technologies are the main tools for ensuring the high efficiency and sustainability of the agro-industrial complex as well as reducing the impact of external factors (climate and drought) on production. For more than 20 years, leading producing countries as well as scientific units of major corporations have been investing significant resources in the development of genetic solutions for the needs of modern agriculture. Indicators show that the value of the global plant breeding market will exceed $20 billion in the next three years, while the animal genetics market will soon approach the $10 billion mark. The Russian agro-industrial complex, which is developing inseparably from the world, is also actively utilizing the achievements that have been made in this area. Agribusiness is launching its own breeding projects, and Russia’s regions are preparing to introduce genomic breeding programmes. Nevertheless, the dependence of Russian manufacturers on imported technologies remains very high and as much as 95% in some cases. Given the new economic realities, this means that it is crucial to accelerate the implementation of projects that aim to ensure the country’s ‘genetic independence’. Are there prospects for scientific centres to support the development of domestic genetics? How should global experience in the development of genetic and selective breeding programmes be adapted to Russian programmes? How will collaboration between business and universities help to solve the lack of expertise in breeding and genetics? How should tools and programmes to support Russian genetics be developed and introduced?