Business programme

Promoting a Socially Oriented Sustainable Future

16 Jun , 15:00–16:15
Investment in Development as Investment in People

The social component of sustainable development requires solutions to society's current problems, as well as a clear understanding of the consequences these solutions bring, plus their long-term impact. Staking on short-term profits, wasteful use of resources, and social inequality must give way to the growth of an educated, informed, and aware society. For the development of this sector, especially in difficult economic conditions, bets are placed on internal resources and the formation of socially responsible thinking within the society. Human development, the accumulation of human capital, and the provision of greater social justice are the main vectors of moving toward social sustainability and the achievement of strategic social policy goals. What priorities does the state set for social stability? What changes in social policy are needed in the coming years? How can technology provide new standards for social services? How can a systemic partnership between the government, business, and non-profits be established? And how can the ‘third sector’ contribute to the implementation of the most important social innovations? How can communities of active citizens influence the attraction of social investments to their territories?