Business programme

Quantum Technologies and the Economy of Tomorrow

17 Jun , 10:00–11:15
Modern Technology for Humanity: Building a Responsible Future

Quantum technologies, as a separate field of modern science, have long ceased to have only a research function – and have turned into a field with great commercial product potential. Application and development of quantum technologies can lead to qualitative changes in the oil and gas, transport, and production industries, information technologies, medicine, industrial internet, and a new generation of navigation technologies. To what extent can quantum technologies provide a global economic breakthrough? What is the time frame for the full-scale introduction of quantum technologies in Russia and the world? What challenges do global players in the quantum technology market face in testing and launching technologies for implementation? What measures will increase the scientific contribution of Russian innovation centers to the development of quantum technologies? Is cooperation with foreign research centers in the field of research and testing of quantum technologies possible? What should the major players do now? Is it too late to start investing in quantum technologies? Why the number of pilot implementations of quantum technologies in Russia is so low?