Business programme

Vaccine Production: International Cooperation in the Name of Health

16 Jun , 11:00–12:15
Modern Technology for Humanity: Building a Responsible Future

Achievements made over the last decades in biotechnology, immunology, molecular biology, and other related disciplines have helped to transition to improved next-generation vaccines, while problems in this area revolve around ensuring mass vaccination and creating a solid evidence base for effective and safe innovative approaches. However, new challenges have risen due to the emergence of previously unknown infections and the spread of infectious epidemics on a global scale. In the current geopolitical situation, Russia must prevent a setback in the development and production of vaccines and maintain the potential for the further development of the industry. The global pharmaceutical community needs to rely on the humanitarian aspect and consolidate international potential for the development of effective tools to warn about infectious threats in an effort to prevent their impact on the planet’s socioeconomic life. How can Russia best realize its potential to ensure the biological security of the nation in the face of new challenges? What innovative developments in vaccinations may have an impact on managing biosecurity risks around the world? Is the global community ready to maintain the paradigm of uniting efforts in the face of the threat posed by infectious epidemics? What role does Russia play as an international partner in preventing new and re-emerging infectious threats amidst the new challenges?