Business programme

Sustainable Development for Future Generations: On the Brink of Achieving Goals

16 Jun , 09:00–10:15
The New Economic Order: Responding to the Challenges of the Time

Achieving sustainable development goals, such as including providing decent employment opportunities and stimulating economic growth, reducing inequality, eliminating hunger and poverty, combating climate change, protecting environment and water, promoting affordable clean energy and quality education are a mainstay at the world's leading discussion platforms. To some extent most of the sustainable development goals and objectives are already included in the main strategic documents and programmes of most states. Within the context of the new economic and geopolitical reality the global community faces new challenges in achieving the SDGs. It is fundamentally important for the Russian Federation to maintain the set course and commitments undertaken for the benefit of future generations. What are the results of the Russian Federation in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals? How will the current economic and geopolitical situation affect the achievement of the SDGs by 2030 and what financial resources will be required for this? What are the roles of government, business, scientific and civil communities in achieving the SDGs, and how to organize their effective collaboration? How to build a 'green' future for the Russian Federation in the new economic and political conditions, and does the climate agenda have a place in them? Financing of sustainable development: how to launch investment mechanisms under the conditions of rethinking economic models, including at the regional level? What role does the banking sector play in implementing measures to achieve the SDGs?