Business programme

Digital Ethics and Traditional Values in the Global Entertainment and Media Industry: Digital Psychology in the Context of a New Media Ethic

16 Jun , 09:00–10:15
Modern Technology for Humanity: Building a Responsible Future

How does the “new” ethic affect the media, is it a new form of information totalitarianism, or is it, in fact, simply the next stage in ethical development and a more open discussion of something that already existed? What principles govern the new ethics in the digital environment, both in the context of the production of audiovisual content, the offer to sell goods and services, and in terms of the operation of recommendation algorithms? Can universal ethical norms be created for the digital space? Who should create them – the state, companies, or users themselves? Visual content vs text. Smartphone vs TV. Games vs movies. How can we teach children who have grown up in this environment? Are schools ready? How should we communicate with young people whose information environment is TikTok and VK, whose idols are bloggers, and whose wall posters and outdoor advertising are social network memes?