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Tourism as an Influence on the Image, Socio-Economic Development, and Investment Attractivity of a Region

18 Jun , 10:00–11:15
The Russian Economy: New Objectives and Horizons

According to St. Petersburg's Social and Economic Development Strategy for the period until 2035, tourism is a priority sector of the economy. Tourism development promotes dynamic job creation, growth of entrepreneurial and investment activity, development of service and hospitality infrastructure. Ultimately, it improves population's quality of life and creates a surge in international cooperation. The tourism industry is a leading job multiplier, providing income to more than 500,000 residents of St. Petersburg. Despite the difficult previous period for the tourism industry, St. Petersburg does not cease to win worldwide recognition and maintain a leading position among the tourist destinations of Russia. The city is working on new routes for Russian and international tourists, continuing to successfully implement programmes to increase the flow of tourists and increase the region's appeal. What are the new opportunities for tourism development under the current conditions? How to maximize the economic and investment potential of domestic and inbound tourism? What is the role of a successful tourism brand for increasing tourist flows? What is the role of interregional projects in socio-economic development of regions?