Business programme

Tourism: New Trends, New Opportunities, New Routes

16 Jun , 11:00–12:15
The Russian Economy: New Objectives and Horizons

Over the past year, Russia has been one of the few tourist countries in the world to succeed in restoring money and domestic tourism in the industry to 90% of its pre-covid level. Tourist charters have crossed the country, the tourism cashback programme has proven one of the most popular socio-economic support measures instituted by the state, and for the first time ever a preferential lending mechanism was launched for investment in the construction and reconstruction of hotels along with initiatives in tourism for small and medium-sized businesses and the construction of modular hotel infrastructure. National itinerary standards were approved for the first time and preparations made for a new law on tourism. The popularity of internal tourism has increased, and not only as a result of covid restrictions. In two years it has become evident that individuals are discovering their own country while simultaneously expanding the Russian travel map as they discover their own favorite routes. The new challenges we face today are limitations as well as new opportunities, and consequently – new trends. What opportunities exist for tourism under the new conditions? Are there alternatives to Black Sea resorts and what kinds of vacation should we be looking to develop right now?