Business programme

Managing Change and Building a Positive Image in The New Markets: Who Will Help Russian Business Become More Effective in an Era of Transformation?

17 Jun , 12:00–13:15
The Russian Economy: New Objectives and Horizons

Russian business is beginning to adapt to the new realities, and in the near future Russian companies will have to find attractive niches in the new markets. How to work under sanction risks and restrictions? How to deal with country discounting outside of Russia? Leadership in the new business landscape will require truly fresh solutions: through the study and implementation of international and local experience, import substitution and implementation of key technologies, preservation and multiplication of human capital. The main goals of the forthcoming business expansion are: adaptation of export processes to the risks of information wars; maintaining the development on par with global standards; and nurturing champions of a new world-class economy. How to build a new business image? What should be taken as a stepping stone? How to overcome the crisis and create promising business alliances? Will new players emerge or will companies have to rely only on themselves?