Business programme

Russia – China

16 Jun , 09:00–10:15
Business Dialogue

Today, the relevance of Russian and Chinese industry associations grows by the day. They can act as open platforms serving the needs of Russian-Chinese trade and economic cooperation, capable of steering in the right direction the complex process of restoring old economic ties and creating new ones. Additionally, they are able to facilitate the dialogue between the business community and the administration both on the regional and federal or central level. It is equally important to hear the real needs of the market and start looking for optimal solutions as soon as possible. Russian-Chinese trade and economic cooperation is facing unprecedented challenges, but its prospects are broad, and the opportunities are ample. How should the central authorities, regional administrations, enterprises, and industry associations behave? How can they stimulate equally beneficial cooperation and joint development in order to achieve the goal of reaching USD 200 billion trade turnover by 2024 and promote high-level cooperation between our countries? How to continue promoting broader, multisectoral and deeper integration?