Business programme

To Be or Not to Be? Modern Challenges and Future Scenarios for the Print Media in the Digital Era

18 Jun , 14:00–15:15
Modern Technology for Humanity: Building a Responsible Future

The latest technologies are radically affecting the entire lifecycle of a traditional media: from business models and editorial policies, to promotion and distribution methods. As online outlets, mobile media, social networks, and bloggers revel in their explosive popularity, opinions on the imminent departure of paper media are heard increasingly louder year after year. Once popular publications disappear, the printing infrastructure – printing houses and press kiosks – shrinks, paper prices rise, and its supply in the domestic market falls. However, worldwide publishing experience convinces us that digitalization is not just a threat to the traditional media, but also a new opportunity. The latter has to do with diversification and monetization of content, quality of feedback from the audience, etc. Internet technologies are becoming the main driver of development and organic growth for the once purely "paper" media. What are the fundamental challenges, problems, and opportunities of the print media digital transformation in areas such as content management, marketing, subscription, and retail distribution?