Business programme

Medicine as a Flagship of Scientific Advancement

17 Jun , 12:00–13:15
Modern Technology for Humanity: Building a Responsible Future

For 75 years, the Federal Medical-Biological Agency has been ensuring radiational, chemical, and biological safety of the country. In addition to authoring the health protection system for employees of strategically important industries with especially hazardous working conditions, the agency remained the flagship of Russian science and innovation. Today genetic technologies see a genuine leap in development. Modern methods for finding early diagnostic markers and targets for therapeutic interventions, therapeutic viruses for the treatment of neurological diseases, and CAR-technology for immunotherapy of glioblastomas and other brain tumors have already been created. Biological 3D printing is on the rise, which makes it possible to create individual matrices and combined cell products equivalent to human tissues and organs. The agenda for the development of Russian medical science includes the introduction of personalized biomedical technologies, the implementation of state support measures and the attraction of young specialists to science. Under the new reality the issue of getting ahead of import rather than trying to substitute it in such strategically important areas as biotechnology, genetics, neurotechnology, digitalization of healthcare, development of artificial intelligence, creation of vaccines and other medical products is of particular importance. How far has Russia advanced in the development of biomedical sciences? What challenges does it have to face, and what are the possible ways of solving them? How to ensure safety in the application of genetic technologies? When will innovations in medicine in practice be available to a wide range of Russians? What is needed to ensure industrial production of medical devices and equipment within the country?