Business programme

Getting a Visa to the Land of Opportunity

17 Jun , 17:00–18:15
Investment in Development as Investment in People

Throughout the recent history of Russia, it was common practice for foreign managers and professionals to work in Russian organizations or offices of international companies. Today there is an outflow of foreign workforce from the Russian labour market. The policy of "abolishing Russian culture" abroad, closing borders, and interruption of banking services makes it difficult to choose Russia as a place to study or work. Our compatriots living abroad also have difficulty returning home, as well as maintaining economic and cultural ties with Russia. How can we work with the Russian-speaking population abroad in today's conditions? How can we form an image of Russia as a country in which to live, get an education, and build a career? What opportunities exist in Russia today for talented foreign specialists? Is it realistic for foreigners in today's economic conditions to obtain citizenship in the country of opportunity?