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Generational Health at the Heart of Demographic Policy

16 Jun , 09:00–10:15
Investment in Development as Investment in People

Russia’s demographic development programme aims to achieve sustainable population growth by 2030 and a higher life expectancy. The programme needs to accomplish strategic goals such as lower death rate and higher birth rate. Plus, it needs to raise the understanding within the society that the people are responsible for their own health. To meet the challenges the demographic agenda presents, comprehensive inter-agency cooperation is required in the medical, socio-economic, and cultural fields. Amidst this cooperation, aside from the protection of family health and strengthening of social guarantees, creating a health-preserving environment is key. Health education, risk prevention, early disease detection and treatment combined with morality and respect for family values in the public consciousness can maximize the demographic effect and promote economic growth. How can we reverse the downward trend in the birth rate? What measures can be taken to address the problem of high mortality rates, especially among men of working age? Why does health preservation drive economic development? What factors of health-preserving environment development require priority governmental work today? How can society be motivated to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a responsible attitude of the whole family to their health?