Business programme

From Knowledge Economy to Talent Economy: New Opportunities

17 Jun , 10:00–11:15
Investment in Development as Investment in People

The key to successful development of the country’s science and technology lies in investing in the talent. The country needs a system that would discover talented individuals and then provide long-term versatile support, including continuous education. Gifted young people need to be motivated to study and use new knowledge and best practices. Another equally important driver of technological development is international cooperation that brings together talent from all over the world. We need to learn to both cooperate within specific research or educational projects (like now) and bring talent development programmes closer. They need to bring together the people that will be developing transnational projects in 10–15 years, but they need to do it now. Are priority national project alumni involved in them today? How are national and international talent development projects progressing in Russia’s partner countries? What will ensure a country’s educational and intellectual leadership in the global economy?