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“Concern For Those Close By” As A Promising Segment For Social Investment

16 Jun

The accelerating ageing of the population and fall in the number of people of working age are becoming an important factor in government social policy. The numbers of older people are increasing, meaning a restructuring of social schemes. Technologies are being developed for remote prevention and early diagnosis of diseases. Family support and long-term care are becoming particularly crucial. Conditions are being created for an active old age. Effective use of older people’s social and economic potential can be achieved by increasing the quality of their lives. The practice of “community care” is geared to those in need of care and support being able to live worthily and independently in society without feeling socially isolated and to take part in the life of the local community as free individuals rather than just recipients of services. How can collaboration with the state be arranged in order to confirm NPOs and neighbouring communities as a resource with which co-operation is possible and necessary in supporting particularly vulnerable members of society? How can businesses make use of the resource of society’s older members to promote the concept of “community care” in society? How can civil assistance initiatives be supported? What is the strength of NPOs as a mechanism for fine-tuning “community care”?