Social, youth, education and technology initiatives of the Roscongress Foundation


Passage in zone H, opposite to the Roscongress Club

Programme of the Lead the future stand

The Roscongress Foundation's new thematic area will cover accessible education, social inclusion, emerging technologies, and the effectiveness of finding and recruiting talented professionals.

The site will showcase:

The Roscongress Foundation's social, youth, education and technology initiatives are crucial steps towards new horizons.

The projects are implemented with the support of the Interregional Contact Centre. The Interregional Contact Centre is a business partner for digital marketing, customer relations, event delegate management and communications, as well as product management, development and implementation of IT products, and technological development of the Roscongress Foundation.

MARMA augmented reality

MARMA is an augmented reality platform for projects of any kind and is a new way of interacting with an audience.

Mastering something new is never easy. We will figure out how to incorporate AR into your project, provide access to our platform and do an AR session on a turnkey basis, freeing you from having to learn the process yourself.

Informational support in social and business projects

The Interregional contact centre offers ready-made solutions for projects of all sizes.

Our strongest skill is organizing hotlines for the most high-profile social issues. We can find succinct and clear answers to any questions, ensure a tailored approach to your audience and guarantee a high response rate, irrespective of the call volume.

The Interregional contact centre has:

School Friend

An open and safe community of adults who care.

“School friend” provides an environment in which every child is given the opportunity to master the school curriculum, pass their final exams and overcome fear in dealing with other people.

The project brings together activists, students, university teachers, foundations and organizations to hold classes for children from orphanages and boarding schools as well as children from low-income families. The goal of the programme is to help children in difficult circumstances develop an interest in education and achieve their goals.

RC Skills

RC Skills is an inclusive social project that opens up new prospects for employment for people with disabilities.

The programme focuses on training and master classes in corporate culture and ethics, office software and foreign languages. The classes will help participants gain useful practical skills, overcome psychological barriers and get references to apply for interesting and prestigious jobs in the future.

Roscongress Career Centre

The Roscongress Career Centre is a training and internship centre for young professionals, built on the Roscongress Foundation's long experience in corporate training.

The career centre for job seekers is an excellent opportunity to acquire practical skills for working at major international events and important nationwide hotlines, as well as social, inclusive and educational projects.

Country’s Potential

“Country’s Potential” is a smart career guidance, testing and employment platform for young professionals.

The comprehensive system of tests includes studies in all key areas (soft skills, aspects of motivation, learnability, potential and priorities) and analyzes the professional, personal and even foreseeable qualities of the job seeker.

Talanty's methodology, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, flexibly adapts to the requirements of each individual project, while drawing on the world's best practices in recruitment and assessment.

BASE NFT school

How can you build your own NFT project from scratch? How do you create your own collection of crypto-art? How do you make sure you don't miss out on lucrative investment opportunities and find your identity in the digital world?

The BASE NFT school is your gateway to the meta-universe. Here you'll share knowledge and experience, learn about the technologies that are changing the future in layman's terms, discover how to understand current trends and be the first to spot promising projects. Explore the world's most popular digital trend surrounded by like-minded people.